About Eva Czarniecka

About Eva Czarniecka Ewa Czarniecka was born 1975 in East Poland and began her art education at the Institute of Fine Art in Czestochowa. Two years later she moved to Lublin to continue her artistic education at the Marie Curie Skladowska University and since 2002 has focused on producing paintings which create the illusion of different atmospheres and moods in urban landscapes for incoming exhibition. Eva Czarniecka's Work "I am fascinated when the skies gather over - they've got a torment, a threat about them,which I want to put down. If the sky is nice and blue it doesn't do too much for me. I don't want it to be too pretty; I want it to have some guts. I want it to be whirling around. There's a poetic sort of moment which I can't convey in the sunshine. I am also attracted to the atmosphere of cities;the bright light, noise, the vitality. My paintings explore the the way that light falls in a city, how it casts shadows and reflections, how it pierces the darkness. I enjoy painting streets, markets, cafes to see how people behave, painting them in stillness or in frantic motion."