About Vasilis Avramidis

Born 1981 2011 MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London 2004 BA Fine Art, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki “Avramidis’ world of intensely detailed, atmospheric, surreal oil paintings skilfully and delicately depicts uncanny private worlds, idealized images from the past and decadent earthly paradises. Where ‘place’ is usually established by the presence of humanity Avramidis’ paintings are marked by human absence. Instead his ‘resorts’ feature architectural fragments in disrepair rooted in the infinity of overgrown diachronic landscapes. Avramidis’ imagery of ‘non-place’ contemplates ideas of humanity, loss and time. Conceptually and literally the works are located between a vanitas concept, echoing the human effort to reason with the finitude and mortalisation of time. By indulging us with images and rich palettes that tantalize the imagination, we celebrate images of opulence, fantasy, transience, the remote and beautiful, and a struggle for the ideal through the passing of time. These works transport and transcend, creating an uncanny window of escapism through which to contemplate human histories.” Press release from the exhibition "Resort Archaeology" with The Contemporary London, 2014