About Kimbal Bumstead

Born 1986, UK/NL 2009 – 2010 MA Performance and Theatre, Queen Mary University of London 2004 – 2008 Fine Art BA (International) First Class Honours, University of Leeds 2006 – 2007 Akademia Sztuka Pieknych w Krakowie (Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow) Represented by Arthaus Galleries, Hertford Lives and works in London Kimbal Quist Bumstead’s work stems from a deep-rooted desire to explore intimacy within human relationships. Using other people as his working material, Kimbal creates performative situations within the construct of everyday life, which leave traces that manifest themselves through mark making, painting, sound and photography. When he was 19 he hitchhiked to Morocco and since then has spent a large part of his adult life hitchhiking and living nomadically throughout Europe and Asia, camping wild in forests and beaches and spending time with and learning about the strangers he met and who helped him along the way. After studying Fine Art at the University of Leeds and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland he became increasingly interested in the idea of performance as social sculpture - transforming encounters with lovers, strangers and family members into dialogues of [miss]communication. He went on to complete his Masters at Queen Mary University of London where his journeys became more internal - focusing on collisions or meetings that he had within the city - searching for the visceral qualities of intimacy through touch, skin and contact dance. This ultimately led to his projects on ‘touch drawing’ and the resulting bitumen paintings. The touch drawings were made during a series of performative interventions in which Kimbal invited strangers to come to his house and let themselves in with a door key they had been sent in the post. The drawing experience was a sensual interaction in which the subject and the artist would be confronted with each other without seeing each other’s faces. Touch in this case is a way of exploring an alternative form of communication between the boundaries of their skin rather than boundaries of social convention. Recent performance interventions include Europe: The Garden (2012) a performance that took place in truck cabins and cars with people he met by chance through hitchhiking around Europe. And Waiting for You (2012) a 6-night performance for 6 people on a deserted beach on an island off the North coast of the Netherlands where strangers were invited to visit him one at a time to spend an entire evening with him, camping on the beach. Kimbal has exhibited and performed in Russia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia and throughout the UK including recent exhibitions at Parallax AF at La Galleria, London, Showcase Cities at Richmix, London and North by Northwest at Tate Liverpool. Kimbal is part of The Magma Group of Artists.