About Adam Dix

Born 1967, London, UK 2009 MA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art, London 1990 BA (Hons) Graphics and Illustration, Middlesex Polytechnic Lives and works in London Artist’s Statement My work concerns itself with associations between communication technology and our desire to communicate. How we relate to and comprehend technology on a humanistic level, by analysing our response to and subsequent personification of the object of modern communication. Here there may be a disparity between, the desire to communicate and the subsequent physical isolation of others that technology can engender. This is exaggerated by appropriating similar traits found in the genres of science fiction and religion, by exploring ideas of ritual and ceremony to emphasise a sense of compliance or worship. By referring to other constructed ‘belief systems’ that initiate group response, as found in the rites and customs of cult, religion and nationalism, comparisons between past and present systems of connectivity are initiated. Simultaneously emphasising “Sci- Fi” as a contemporary folklore that depicts a social psyche and also acknowledges an exaggerated response to the subject’s relationship to the ‘Icon of infotainment’. This has led to the production of several works that invite the viewer to engage in a secular celebration. A festival of communication, presided over by a Shamanic custodian that acts as a conduit between audience and transmission device. Where the phone mast and satellite dish take on the character of ‘Totem’ and the audience depicted represent a circulation of connectivity. Purpose: To discuss the proliferation and mediation of communication devices, that compel the user to stay constantly connected whilst negating our interpretation and influencing our response to the physical world.