About Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut

Born 1983, Poland 2011 – 2012 Postgraduate in Education, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw 2008 MFA Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw 2003 – 2008 Academy of Fine Arts (painting department), Wroclaw 2007 UE Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art 1998 – 2003 Graphic design & Publishing, Art College, Czestochowa, Poland Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Artist’s Statement The human figure has been the main object of my interest for a few years now. I consider it to be the most complex and intriguing topic when it comes to painting. To some degree, I would agree here with Francis Bacon, who claimed that abstract art results inevitably in decorativeness while the one which turns a human being into a hero can move the spectator more deeply. My paintings are the result of my efforts to synthesize the image of a human being. A lot of their space is devoted to controlled accident and freedom of choice. I am often challenged by risky combinations of colours and inspired by press, photography and lettering. However, I am not interested in the messages they carry. I dissect them, strip them of their meaning while giving them a new one. Therefore, the elements of lettering included in my works have no communicative value whatsoever, but only a visual one. In a way, they are a manifestation of the modern world. Images just fall into my head and evolve into new ideas – they generate new images, create various stereotypes, largely condition the way I think. This is how a painting/image is created – processed and filtered by the mind – but with its source lying in other images, most often seen on TV or in the press. We are constantly bombarded with images which settle deeply in our unconscious minds and control our behaviour. Created by a human being, now they lead their own independent lives. We made them alive but we lost control over them.