About Anna Madeleine

About Anna Madeleine Anna Madeleine is an emerging artist working in a hybrid of traditional and new media through stop-motion animation and mixed media. Anna graduated from ANU School of Art in 2007 and in 2010 commenced a PhD in Media Arts at COFA, University of South Wales. She has exhibited in solo, collaborative and group shows in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney and has completed residencies with Canberra Contemporary Art Space, PhotoAccess, Sydney Artspace and Splendid Arts Lab. She was a recipient of the In 2010, Anna received the Qantas Foundation Art Award, and with this worked in residence at Kala Arts Institute, Berkeley, and CTRLlab, Montreal. Most recently, her solo exhibition Fault Lines at Paper Plane Gallery was part of Sydney Art Month, 2012, and she was short listed for the 37th Alice Prize for Contemporary Art. Anna is also involved with Winsor & Newton as part of the Insight Radical project. Anna Madeleine's Work Anna's work explores how personal expression exists within contemporary information spaces. She uses tactile media and physical form to present a co-evolution of old and new technology, in a deliberately simplistic and playful approach, to offset the familiarity of the digital in new media art. Anna uses artists' acrylic and drawing inks for colour. Anna Madeleine uses Winsor & Newton because 'of their extraordinary quality.'