Edinburgh Winter

Sav Scatola

Painted after an epic 6 hour walk through the snow in Edinburgh. The view is from Waterloo Place looking towards Princes Street. We can just make out the Balmoral Hotel's clock tower on the left. B. Umber, F. Ultramarine, T. White, Cadmiums for lights.

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  • Don Jusko
    1652 DAYS AGO

    Don Jusko

    I think this was done on location, if it was it's done nicely. I painted an acrylic snow scene while waiting for a bus in ski country using a little alcohol in the water to keep it from freezing. Don Jusko RCW, http://www.realcolorwheel.com/

  • Sav Scatola
    1651 DAYS AGO

    Sav Scatola

    Thanks for the kind comments Terence and Don, though I'm afraid it was painted as soon as I got back having prised the soggy refs from a wet camera and wetter brain! I love that tip about the alcohol though. Don I must revisit your forum!!

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