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    How To: Get the Most Out of Professional Water Colour Sticks

    The debut of Winsor & Newton’s Professional Water Colour Sticks marked an innovative leap for the medium. Introducing a versatile, fresh new take on painting in water colour, the Sticks allow for fluid movement between drawing and painting, working wet and dry, and mixing with traditional forms of water colour.

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    Three Ways to Make an Impact With Inks

    Since their introduction in the 1890s, Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks have been used by illustrators, artists, designers and other notable creatives. Available in a broad palette including shiny metallics, bold primaries, deep autumnal colours and a classic Black Indian Ink...

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    Water Colour Surfaces: A Go-To Glossary

    Whether you’re a seasoned water colour painter or new to the discipline, a glossary of water colour surface terminology can help ensure you choose the ideal surface for your work. Here, we collate and define some of the most pertinent terms to get you one step closer to your preferred surface.

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    How to: Get the Most Out of Water Colour Markers

    Thinking about incorporating this contemporary form of water colour into your practice? Learn how to get the most out of one of our newest innovations.