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    How intermixable are the 5 Winsor & Newton oil colour ranges?

    All of the Winsor & Newton oil colour ranges can be mixed together and used together apart from two exceptions. Heavy under painting in Oilbar is not recommended if you are using traditional oil or alkyd paint...

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    Drying times for Japan Goldsize

    Used for gilding and exterior varnishing, Japan Gold Size is very fast drying and will be dry...

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    Cleaning acrylic paint from tube caps

    It is not uncommon for artists to have problems trying to remove caps from paint tubes that they have previously used. This is usually caused by paint drying between the cap and the thread of the tube’s opening.

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    Choosing an Acrylic white

    There are various whites in the Winsor & Newton acrylic ranges. Each has different properties. Titanium White is the whitest and most opaque of the whites and is recommended for general use.

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    Choosing a white in oil colour

    White has been used by artists for thousands of years, helping to provide contrast within a work, as well as conveying moods such as cleanliness, lightness and innocence. It also dominates some of the 20th century’s finest works such as Mondrian’s...

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    Choosing a brush for stippling clouds

    Winsor & Newton have a wide choice of brushes to give artists the opportunity to choose them depending on how they feel to the artist. For stippling, a stencil brush would be too hard...