The difference between Oilbar and Oil Pastels

oilbar and oil pastels
One of the most exciting things about working with Oilbar is that you can draw directly onto the canvas with wet oil colour. The high level of pigmentation provides a strength and depth of colour that is better in every way to oil pastels or crayons.

When you use oil pastels there is always a risk that the colours will smudge or pick up dirt, but because of the way Oilbar is made it produces a dry film and does not suffer from these problems. The way Oilbar works on a surface is also very similar to conventional oil colour and not pastel, displaying a characteristic ‘oiliness.’ What you have is a painting tool which has the directness of pastel but with the colour intensity of oil.

It is possible to let your creativeness run free and the results are immediate – there is nothing between you and the surface, not even a brush. You do not need a great deal of equipment to work with Oilbar which makes it popular for painting outdoors, and you can still use Oilbar on a palette and with brushes giving you even more creative possibilities.

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