The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Oilbar range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more.

For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.
Colour / Code Transparency / Opacity Permanence Lightfastness (ASTM) Colour Index Name Series Number
Antique White Code: 009 N/A AA I PW6, PY42, PBk11 1
Buff Titanium Code: 060 N/A AA I PW6, PY42, PBk11 1
Burnt Sienna Code: 074 N/A AA I PR101 1
Burnt Umber Code: 076 N/A AA I PBr7 1
Cadmium Orange Code: 089 N/A A I PO20, PR108 4
Cadmium Orange Hue Code: 090 N/A A II PO73, PY65 2
Cadmium Red Hue Code: 095 N/A A II PR188, PR170 2
Cadmium Red Deep Hue Code: 098 N/A A II PR170, PO36 2
Cadmium Red Medium Code: 099 N/A A I PR108 4
Cadmium Red Light Code: 100 N/A A I PR108 4
Cadmium Scarlet Hue Code: 107 N/A A II PR188, PR170, PW6, PY65, PO73 2
Cadmium Yellow Hue Code: 109 N/A A I PY65 1
Cadmium Yellow Light Code: 113 N/A A I PY35 4
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue Code: 115 N/A A II PO73, PY65 1
Cadmium Yellow Medium Code: 116 N/A A I PY35, PO20 4
Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue Code: 119 N/A A I PY74 1
Cerulean Blue Code: 137 N/A AA I PB35 4
Cerulean Blue Hue Code: 138 N/A A I PB15, PG7 1
Cobalt Blue Code: 178 N/A AA I PB28 4
Cobalt Blue Hue Code: 179 N/A A I PB15, PB29, PBk7 1
Cobalt Violet Hue Code: 194 N/A A I PB29, PV16 2
Colourless Code: 218 N/A AA N/A N/A 1
Dioxazine Purple Code: 229 N/A A I PV23 2
Flesh Tint Code: 257 N/A A I PY42, PW6, PV19, PW5 2
French Ultramarine Code: 263 N/A A I PB29 2
Indian Red Code: 317 N/A AA I PR101 2
Ivory Black Code: 331 N/A AA I PBk9 1
Lamp Black Code: 337 N/A AA I PBk6 1
Lemon Yellow Hue Code: 346 N/A A II PY3 3
Magenta Code: 380 N/A A I PR122, PB15 2
Soft Mixing White Code: 415 N/A AA I PW6 1
Naples Yellow Hue Code: 422 N/A AA I PY42, PW6 1
Oxide of Chromium Code: 459 N/A AA II PG17 3
Payne's Gray Code: 465 N/A A I PBk6, PBk19, PB29 1
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Code: 468 N/A A I PR177 3
Permanent Green Light Code: 483 N/A A I PY74, PW6, PB15 2
Permanent Rose (Quinacridone) Code: 502 N/A A I PV19 3
Winsor Blue (Red Shade) Code: 516 N/A A I PB15 2
Prussian Blue Code: 538 N/A A I PB27 1
Raw Sienna Code: 552 N/A AA I PY43 1
Raw Umber Code: 554 N/A A I PBr7, PBk9 1
Permanent Sap Green Code: 599 N/A A I PY109, PB15 4
Terra Rosa Code: 635 N/A AA I PR101 1
Terre Verte Code: 637 N/A A I PG23, PG7 1
Titanium White Code: 644 N/A AA I PW6 1
Vandyke Brown Code: 676 N/A A I PBr7, NBr8 1
Viridian Code: 692 N/A AA I PG18 4
Viridian Hue Code: 696 N/A A I PG7 2
Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) Code: 721 N/A A I PG36 2
Yellow Ochre Code: 744 N/A AA I PY42 1
For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.