Colour Charts

Colour Charts are a vital reference guide for all artists. This section contains colour charts for our main colour ranges. Each colour chart provides a swatch of the individual colour, the colour name, and colour code.  

For more information related to to individual colour's such as the permanence rating, opacity, and the ASTM rating, please visit our Shop section.

Of course, there is no substitute for seeing actual colour in person and we would always recommend referring to our hand painted tint cards which enable artists to truly appreciate the pigment characteristics of each colour. Hand painted tint cards are available for all Winsor & Newton ranges and can be purchased from your local store. To find the store nearest you visit our Store Locator page.

Oil Colour 

  Artists' Oil Colour
  Winton Oil Colour
  Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour
  Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour
Water Colour
  Professional Water Colour
  Professional Water Colour Sticks
  Water Colour Markers
  Cotman Water Colour
Acrylic Colour
  Professional Acrylic
  Galeria Acrylic
  Designers Gouache
Inks & Drawing
  Drawing Inks
  Calligraphy Inks