2014: Highlights from the Year in Winsor & Newton


Winsor & Newton
Exciting, eventful and ground-breaking, 2014 has been nothing short of a landmark year for Winsor & Newton. From innovative product releases to supporting universally acclaimed exhibitions, the past 12 months has seen a myriad of milestones and developments.

Read on to learn more about our biggest and brightest highlights of 2014. We couldn’t have done it without our loyal following of artists, and we’re looking forward to another trailblazing year in 2015!





1.    We launch the new and improved Winsor & Newton Online

2014 saw the launch of the new www.winsornewton.com, revolutionising the way that artists Shop, Discover and Connect online.

2.    The release of Winsor & Newton’s Water Colour Markers and Professional Water Colour Sticks

This year saw stunning innovations in the form of our Water Colour Markers  and Professional Water Colour Sticks.

An ideal tool for experimentation, the portable and versatile Professional Water Colour Sticks are not only fully intermixable with traditional water colour, but also do not colour shift from wet to dry.

Meanwhile, the Water Colour Markers are expertly crafted from the highest quality pigments and offer unrivalled lightfastness and permanence when compared with dye-based alternatives. Twin-tipped, the Water Colour Marker offers both a flexible brush and a fine accurate nib for various applications.


3.    Luke George and Elizabeth Rose display their love of Rose Madder

2013 Griffin Art Prize winners Luke George and Elizabeth Rose ended their residency at Winsor & Newton HQ with a wonderful show entitled Madder, an exploration of the Rose Madder pigment, the processes behind its production and the pigment ‘recipe’ that is exclusive to Winsor & Newton. The results were stunning, to say the least.


 A Detail from The Exhibition, Madder, Griffin Gallery, Luke George & Elizabeth Rose, 2014

4.    Winsor & Newton supports Constable: The Making of a Master at the Victoria & Albert Museum

In 2014, we had the amazing opportunity to lend our support to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s universally- acclaimed exhibition Constable: The Making of a Master.
Given the historic relationship Winsor & Newton shares with Constable, this was an ideal collaboration with one of the world’s leading arts institutions.

5.    We launched our Art Stars video series

Innovation and foresight are important values for us, and the launch of our Art Stars video series is a perfect example of our investment in contemporary working artists.

Our first film allowed us to go behind-the-scenes with mixed media artist Gordon Cheung. In this piece, he talks about his inspiration, practice, the social implications of his work and daily life as a working artist.