About Joe Papagoda

My artwork extends beyond the frame through the mind and reflexive psychology of every viewer. Keeping with semiotic perspectives, the paintings take on mythological proportions in the moments of viewing, sensing, and responding. They speak directly to our primordial drives. My most well known series of color-field paintings "Myths" recognizes these mechanisms of power and expressive spirit. My practice builds on the foundations of abstract expressionism and overhauls those approaches for contemporary audiences while incorporating new risks, bold taste, and inspiring personality. My signature style includes a bold saturation of color with strong, brave, and active compositions. The malleability of acrylic allows for a great range of expressions. As a young artist in my early twenties, I demonstrate a thorough understanding of past master artists through research not only on their work, but also persona, and their own language. Fascinated early on by the artist persona, I've studied construction of artist identity in addition to professional techniques and methods. Aside from painting, I also work in other mediums such as photography in a wide variety of genres, digital art, and sculpture. My work is currently in private collections in the USA, UK, and Canada.