About Adrian Odell

South African born, resident in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Having lived in the Caribbean for part of my life, and being a keen collector and admirer of primary colours in all things decorative, including Italian vases (Venice and Murano), my paintings in turn reflect these aspects - and that which I love most, the sea. I have collected mediums of art in various forms for a long time, but started painting for the first time in January 2015. I have no rules in my paintings, and no training, so am very much naive as I wish my paintings to be pure and expressive - and my learning to be through default - which I believe is part of the joy and fun of expressing myself through this wonderful medium which connects generations - and is part of the cross-generational and what must have been the very first language of people, being Art - which for me comprises expression and reception of emotion in all forms and mediums - which is only notionally referred to Art, but is so much more.