About José Mario Calero Vizcaíno

My name is José Mario Calero I am an architect that was educated in Mexico, Spain and Sweden. I married Estonian linguist Anni Oja daughter of the Estonian Artist and designer Arvo Sildik. We live now in Estonia since Summer of 2012. I began a Doctorate programme on Architecture in Barcelona Spain with a scholarship from the science and technology Council from Mexico which I didn’t finish; I arrived to the doctoral thesis in “Högskolan på Gotland” University in Visby but my scholarship ended. I am also interested in digital photography and in water colouring. Since young I have enjoyed artistic activities including drawing and painting. I remember spending time drawing like a kid and like an adolescent, it released my creative spirit and relaxed my emotions. Although neither of my parents where artistically inclined, I had since young, sensitivity and a certain talent for art. I think my parents didn’t know how to channel and incentivize my artistic potential… In the Edron - British school, in Mexico City, I was always recognized by my artistic skills by my teachers and art professors. I remember when I began having my first computer classes I used a basic drawing software to developed a cartoon character making different activities, inspired from the lion´s representative icon of the Edron academy, and I created a simple system to personalize images modifying text, placing the names of children and then printing the image and giving it to the child. Afterwards I applied it in school fairs to earn some money. In its time it was a very modern project. With this project I began to develop my process like a digital artist. Some of my colleague-classmates where good at studying, other where good at numbers, others where good with languages and I was talented in art. When it came the time for me to choose a professional career I chose art but my strict father, who paid the tuition, didn’t let me study the professional career in art and I didn’t have the character, when I was young, to confront him. I was not a very good at studying because I was in emotional conflict because of familiar problems, like my parents’ divorce and the sudden death of my seconds mother´s husband, this disturbed my mind but I was good in art. One day, in the British school in Mexico City, in my art class I was reinterpreting some technical drawings form “Maurits Cornelis Escher” and the teacher came close to me and suggested me to study architecture; she said I would enjoy it. Architecture is and artistic discipline and was a close profession to art so I decided to follow her advice. When studying architecture, my passion began towards the technical disciplines of photography and water-coloring. In my architecture career I chose architectonic representation like my specialization, which was the closest specialization-discipline to art. I studied in depth handmade: 1 point, 2 points and 3 point perspectives and different artistic techniques to illustrate architectonic expression in three dimensions. In 1995 and 1996 I developed skills in illustrating perspectives with pencil technique. In 1996 I took an artistic analogue photography and film development course in Mexico City. In 1997 I developed skills illustrating perspectives with color pencils and ink. In this same year I made a travelling expedition through south America: Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica. I made interesting drawings influenced by the stimulations and emotions of my journey. In 1997 I made a study photographing of the modern architecture and new buildings in the “Santa Fe” district in Mexico City. Since 1998 I started to develop my professional skills in water-coloring and other color techniques in art. I combined my passions towards photography and water-coloring with a group of young friend travelers capturing special sceneries found during my journeys. We mainly travelled within Mexico. Soon I began to develop a portfolio of photographs and art. By this time, not very