About Jacqueline A Letham

Artist Bio: Jacqueline Anne Letham Art making practises: Artworks- paintings created using Oilbar sticks, detailing each one with texture and scraffito on wood. Wirework- drawing with wire to produce 2d and 3d works containing found objects and treasures. Artist statement: Jacqueline has a love of movement and energy, her work flows with a life of its own. Initially an idea can form after observations and conversations, often vivid in her mind, the image arrives almost complete and continues to evolve as she paints. In her paintings of Tui birds, Jacqueline hopes to capture the sudden burst of vitality and optimism these incredible birds show us during flight. Emotionally charged techniques are used which is why oils and scraffito are her favourite mediums. Oils remain fluid enabling aggressive fast mark making leading to softer details, which focus the viewer. Often the work evokes a memory from the viewer when a painting connects with them. Jacqueline also has a love of recycling fragments of forgotten items, bringing them together using wirework in 3d, to form new artifacts and treasures as part of a new upcycled species.