About Alix Baker

About Alix Baker Alix can remember painting a great deal from the age of seven. Her work has always been influenced by people and places around the world. Having been an Army daughter, spent some years in the FCO and then married to an Army officer, what she experiences on her travels remains a major factor. Most of her art career has been as a military artists, mainly working on official commissions. She still does some of the larger military paintings of Afghanistan, Iraq etc but her main subjects are non-military. Very many of her past military paintings have been reproduced in print form and the details of the subject matter meant detailed graphic work. Her non-military paintings require a much looser style which she is trying to improve on. Having lived in Oman, it and the Middle East/Arabian Gulf are another speciality. Alix Baker's Work Alix has several styles and uses several media. The subject tends to dictate the materials used. In the past she has done work for the Tower of London, HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman (very large series), a design for a stained glass window at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, maps, plates and dust jackets for several military books. She has been the subject of study by GCSE and A level students, featured in The Times Business section, the Daily Telegraph, in magazines around the world, on Woman's Hour and other radio programmes. Her work has also appeared on the West End stage and in television dramas. She has won several prizes. Alix is much involved in helping societies and exhibitions, whether judging or hanging. She also writes the occasional article on art matters. Alix Baker uses Winsor & Newton because 'their art materials are widely available and can always be depended upon. Many art shops have closed so it is extremely important that what is ordered on-line or through craft and other non-art shop outlets is reliable.'