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Historic cataloguesThe old Winsor & Newton catalogues and publications housed in our archive represent an invaluable insight into the history of art materials over the past 177 years. At present we are delighted to able to provide three catalogues on our website for artists and interested parties to browse.

These catalogues aid the research of old colours and pigments and also enable the dating of some art materials.

We have chosen three catalogues out of the range that we currently have in our extensive archive as they represent key stages during the 19th century.

You can now leaf through these catalogues yourself  - just click on the catalogues below to enable turning page catalogues and start your research...

 Winsor & Newton 1849 catalogue  

1849 is the oldest catalogue that we have a copy of and is therefore the starting point of our records.

Historical Winsor & Newton Catalogue 1849 


 Winsor & Newton 1863 catalogue  

1863 shows the significant increase in the ranges and depth of ranges available, this demonstrates Winsor & Newton’s innovation and progression during these years. Winsor & Newton products were also available around the world in countries such as America, India and Australia by this time. At this stage the company was still headed by the founders William Winsor and Henry Newton. This is the last catalogue before William’s death in 1864.  

Historical Winsor & Newton Catalogue 1863


 Winsor & Newton 1896 catalogue  

1896 is the last catalogue before the turn of the century and a significant milestone since 1863. Again the ranges have been expanded and improved showing a sustained commitment to innovation. This is also the last catalogue published before the purchase of the green field site in Wealdstone that was to become the headquarters of today.

Since the 1863 catalogue, Winsor & Newton had become a limited company (1882).You may notice that this copy is signed by William John Winsor, 18th December 1896, who was William Winsor’s nephew. 

Historical Winsor & Newton Catalogue 1896