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Hints, Tips & Techniques for Oil - Varnishes


Varnishes on Oil
Application of varnish
Varnishes are used to protect the finished painting. Picture varnishes should be removable so that paintings can be cleaned when they have become dirty.

There are two important things to remember about varnishes:

• Do not varnish too early, even the thinnest oil painting should be allowed to dry for 6 months. A minimum of one month is required for thin Griffin alkyd paintings.

• Do not use varnishes as mediums, this would make the painting sensitive to solvent. An attempt to clean it in the future may remove the painting instead!


Types of varnishes

Varnishes are labelled ‘gloss’,‘matt’ and ‘satin’. However, there is a variety available made from different resins which provide relative levels of gloss, as many artists have their own personal preferences. Here are the most common choices: Varnishes LR

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