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Artists' Water Colour

Artists' Water Colour Large Pans

Painting with water colour on a large scale is becoming increasingly popular.  More and more artists are experimenting with water colour's fascinating versatility to create larger, more dramatic water colours.  As a result, we have created Artists' Water Colour Large Pans, an innovation which offers the artist a completely new format with which to paint.

Perfect with larger brushes

These Large Pans are perfect with larger sized brushes, to create broad, flowing washes.  For generous areas of colour, like skies, this gives a real immediacy and speed which has not been possible with the smaller pans.

To find a water colour brush that is perfect for working with Artists' Water Colour Large Pans, see our Water Colour Brushes section

60 x 40mm surface area

These Large Pans measure 60 x 40mm and have a surface area have 13 times that of a Half Pan, and 6 times that of a Whole Pan.  As a result of their size there is also less contamination between one pan and the next which can happen with half pan boxes. 

Artists can enjoy different strengths of wash

The larger format pans also allow the artist to enjoy the different strengths of wash which come naturally to the tube and pan variants of each colour. Tube colours make stronger washes immediately whilst pans need some working to build up the strength of the wash.  It can be much more convenient to use the large pan rather than diluting a tube wash, especially since the paler wash is required first.

Ceramic Dish

Each Large Pan colour is contained in a ceramic dish specially developed by Winsor & Newton and features a Winsor & Newton stamp on the base. The sides slope to help you control the quantity of wash held in your brush and these are stackable once the colour has dried, so that they can be neatly stored in the studio.  The weight and porcelain-like finish of these ceramic dishes provide a high quality product.

Colours Available

Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour Large Pans are available in a range of 30 of the most popular colours. You will find them listed below in spectrum order.  You can also view a full colour chart by clicking here


Winsor Yellow


New Gamboge


Cadmium Yellow


Cadmium Orange


Cadmium Red


Winsor Red


Perm. Alizarin Crimson


Alizarin Crimson


Permanent Rose


Rose Madder Genuine


Opera Rose


Winsor Violet (Diox)


French Ultramarine


Cobalt Blue


Winsor Blue (Red Shade)


Antwerp Blue


Winsor Blue (Green Shade)


Cerulean Blue


Winsor Green (Blue Shade)




Hooker's Green


Permanent Sap Green


Yellow Ochre


Raw Sienna


Quinacridone Gold


Burnt Sienna


Brown Madder


Raw Umber


Burnt Umber


Payne's Gray

Artists Water Colour Pan System

To complement the innovative launch of the Artists' Water Colour Large Pans Winsor & Newton has created a bespoke Pan System.  

Made from rich cherry-coloured wood, and fully varnished, this 5 pan tray is a lovely way to house Large Pans in place together while you work.  Its non-slip rubber feet ensure that the pans are held secure as you paint. 

The Pan System can also be used to organise the pans in the artists' studio, especially since these trays can be stacked if you wish, once the colour has been allowed to dry.

For added convenience, a brush rest is included in the Pan System, which is suitable for larger size brushes.

In the base of each Large Pan slot is a circular hole, which both allows any water to drain out of the tray and also facilitates the removal of the Large Pans, by pushing up from below.

The Artists' Water Colour Large Pan System is sold empty, so that the artist can choose their own favourite colours.  For more detailed information about the Large Pan System, see our Accessories section.

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