The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Oilbar range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more.

Antique WhiteOAAIPBk11,PW6,PY421
Buff TitaniumOAAIPBk11,PW6,PY421
Burnt SiennaTAAIPR1011
Cadmium Red Deep HueSOAIIPO36,PR1702
Cadmium Red HueSOAIIPR170,PR1882
Cadmium Yellow HueSOAIPY651
Cadmium Yellow Pale HueSOAIPY741
Cerulean BlueSOAAIPB354
Cobalt Violet HueSTAIPB29,PV162
Dioxazine PurpleTAIPV232
French UltramarineTAIPB292
Indian RedOAAIPR1012
Lemon Yellow HueSOAIIPY33
Naples Yellow HueOAAIPW6,PY421
Oxide of ChromiumOAAIIPG173
Permanent Alizarin CrimsonTAIPR1773
Permanent Green LightSOAIPB15,PW6,PY742
Permanent Rose (Quinacridone)TAIPV193
Permanent Sap GreenTAIPB15,PY1094
Raw SiennaTAAIPY431
Raw UmberSTAIPBk9,PBr71
Soft Mixing WhiteOAAIPW61
Terra RosaOAAIPR1011
Terre VerteTAIPG23,PG71
Titanium WhiteOAAIPW61
Vandyke BrownTAINBr8,PBr71
Viridian HueTAIPG72
Winsor Blue (Red Shade)TAIPB152
Winsor Green (Yellow shade)TAIPG362
Yellow OchreOAAIPY421