How to fit canvas wedges

how to fit canvas wedges

The canvas tension of any Winsor & Newton stretched & primed canvas should be suitable for painting on without the use of the wedges.

However after a period of time either after or during painting, the tension of the canvas could become loose. If this occurs, the tension can be regained by fitting the canvas wedges which come with each Winsor & Newton canvas.




Step 1a                                 Step 1b

Steps 2,3,4                            Wedges inserted

1. Insert the wedges, by hand, into the corner slots, in the orientation shown.
2. Place pieces of card between the stretchers and the canvas in each corner. This protects the canvas from any accidental contact during wedge fitting.
3. Stand the canvas upright.
4. Using a small hammer, knock the wedges upwards into the slots whilst supporting the canvas with your free hand.
5. Always use the wedges to move one stretcher at a time, thus keeping the canvas square.
6. Rotate the canvas and continue to knock the remaining wedges with the hammer until your desired tension is reached.

Diagram showing positioning of wedges within stretched canvas.


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