How intermixable are the 5 Winsor & Newton oil colour ranges?

intermixable oils
All of the Winsor & Newton oil colour ranges can be mixed together and used together apart from two exceptions:

1. Heavy under painting in Oilbar is not recommended if you are using traditional oil or alkyd paint in subsequent layers. This is because thick Oilbar films are likely to be too flexible due to the wax content.

2. Thin alkyd films are not recommended on top of oil paint or Oilbar films. This is because thin alkyd films may be too inflexible over the relatively more flexible oil or Oilbar films.

These exceptions follow the oil painting rule ‘Fat Over Lean’ – namely flexible colour needs to be applied on top of inflexible colour, otherwise there is a risk that your painting will crack during the drying process. Take a look at our Tip and Technique: Understanding the 3 Oil Painting rules.

Finally if you are using Artisan, we strongly recommend that you do not mix it with any other colour range. Keeping to Artisan colours ensures that the colour will maintain its water mixable properties and will also prevent any conflict with the ‘Fat Over Lean’ rule.

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