Our Guide to Seasonal Metallics


gold calligraphy ink, Winsor & Newton

When creating a seasonal scene adding a touch of metallic colour can really add something extra to your work and there are many different ways to achieve this as an artist.

No matter what your medium there is an option for metallics within our ranges at Winsor & Newton. Whether using our inks or adding mediums to acrylic paint and water colour you can add some light, texture or sparkle to your work.





If you are painting with water colour or acrylic paint then any colour can become metallic with the aid of an iridescent medium. 

In our ranges we advise you choose the Water Colour Iridescent Medium and the Galeria Acrylic Iridescent Medium.

Once mixed with any colour the iridescent medium creates a glittery and shiny quality in the paint allowing you to give a contemporary or seasonal finish to your work.

Drawing Inks

When creating a seasonal artwork Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks can play an integral part in creating luxurious and emotive image.

The quality of the inks mean that the strength of the colours really comes through and when using our silver and gold the high shine and pigment add something really special to any artwork. 

Calligraphy Inks

The art of calligraphy requires special calligraphy inks. When creating seasonal artwork, adding a personal touch to greetings cards or creating decorations gold and silver calligraphy can add an extra special touch.

Gold Ochre

Not all that’s gold glitters and our Gold Ochre colour, available in both water colour and oil colour is indisputably gold and would be perfect for creating a seasonal desert scene.

This deep colour, although it lacks the iridescent quality of the gold paint is a true gold colour that can bring warmth, glamour and depth to your artwork.

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