New Year New Art


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This new year, offer yourself a fresh creative start and get motivated in 2016 by setting yourself some exciting challenges for the coming months. Why not invigorate your art practice by taking on some new techniques and trying those materials you’ve always wanted to have a go with? What better way to brighten up the winter months than a new project to focus on? Not only do you get the skills gained by coming to grips with new techniques and materials, but also acquire valuable insight into your main practice. For instance, working quickly with transparent washes in watercolour is a great technique that can be transferred to glazing in oils. 

Read on to learn more about three creative resolutions to help kickstart the year and join us in committing to the theme #NewYearNewArt in 2016.



 1.   Try Painting En Plein Air

For the artist, nothing compares to painting en plein air as the most direct and fulfilling way of recording an experience of the natural world. The lightest and most practical means of painting outside is in watercolour, ideal if you are travelling or need to make a quick sketch to capture that elusive moment in nature. The Cotman Water Colour Painting Plus 24 Half Pan Set unfolds to give you a palette to mix your colours on. Just add brushes, paper and a water container and you’re ready to go! 

Also suitable for painting outside are acrylic colours, as they are fast drying so there will be no problems transporting wet paintings. The Galeria Acrylic Colour Large Art Box contains everything the artist needs to develop work from initial sketch to finished painting. 

No paint is as flexible as oil colour, and painting with it outside is an intense and rewarding experience. A great way to get started is the Winton Oil Colour Small Art Box.


2. Explore New Forms

At Winsor & Newton we are constantly looking to develop the range of colours available to artists and to innovate in the forms these colours take. For instance, our new graphic marker range launched in 2015. We've taken the marker pen. And re-written the rules. The marker pen only uses the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments, and there are over 100 beautiful colours to choose from. There's also unique blending paper to work with the marker to give you outstanding results.

To compliment this the first ever white blender. Theres an infinite colour palette, right at your fingertips. Using white titanium dioxide pigments, this remarkable new pen lets you build, blend and soften colours like never before. Mix tones fluidly and intuitively, creating myriad colours and subtle effects – even on black paper.


3. Reconnect with Sketching & Drawing

A core artistic practice, nothing is more rewarding than a new focus on drawing or sketching. Whether you want to draw from the imagination or sketch from life, get everything you need in a Sketching Small Art Box. Traditionally used for under drawing in oil painting and a mainstay of the life class, Artists’ Willow Charcoal comes in a range of sizes. 

As an alternative to dry media, try drawing with a pen or brush in inks. Our selection of drawing inks, available in 26 wonderful colours, can provide you with a palette with which you can experiment to your heart’s content.