The Art of Gift Giving: Three Artists Share Their Winsor & Newton Gift Picks


Gift Suitcase

With the year's most festive period upon us, we turned to three top artists to find out what presents they would be thrilled to give and receive this season. Going straight to the source of creative expertise, we spoke to seasoned water colourist (and Water Colour Revolution participant) Peter Haslam Fox, accomplished fashion illustrator Nuno DaCosta and well-known oil painter Robert Meldrum to receive a dose of gifting inspiration.

Read on to find out which Winsor & Newton products they’d be thrilled to see in their stockings, and what they would recommend giving to artists of all persuasions.


Robert Meldrum is a UK-based artist who works liberally with colour in semi-abstract form. He is a contemporary oil painter whose use of style and varied mark-making produces artwork that is beautiful and evocative.

 (Left to Right) Artist's Oil Colour Tin, Winton Oil Colour Tips and Techniques Set, Winton Oil Colour Small Art Box

Artist’s Oil Colour Tin

"Receiving an array of paint is always pleasurable, and some of the simplest ones to apply can be the most fun to start out using but also to progress with. The Artist’s Oil Colour Tin is easily transportable and contains a selection of six vibrant colours to get any artist started."

Winton Oil Colour Tips and Techniques Set

"Oil Paint is one of the most difficult mediums to vitalise to its full potential, but once you do, the result is most rewarding. The methods of its technical application are very broad. Books are fine to get started with, but I would recommend just getting stuck in and actually having a go. Start slow, and don’t necessarily have an end result in mind. This will allow you to concentrate on the properties of the medium first. I would recommend the Winton Oil Colour Tips and Techniques Set, as this includes quite a basic setup that allows for experimentation."

Winton Oil Colour Small Art Box

"I would happily recommend the simple Winton Oil Colour Small Art Box for any aspiring oil colourist. Having a selection of brushes is very useful, and this set contains two basics to get started. The set is ideal for anyone looking to realise their creative potential!"

 (Left to Right) McDonalds at Eureka Leisure Park, Fountain, June,
all by Robert Meldrum

Click here to find out more about Robert and view more of his artwork.


  Accomplished fashion illustrator Nuno DaCosta has had his work featured in some of today’s most prominent publications, including Vogue and The Sunday Times. Working in both London and Lisbon, Portugal, DaCosta’s distinct illustrations display a unique stylistic flair and exude a love of colour.
 (Left to Right) Sketching Small Art Box, Professional Water Colour Suitcase, Water Colour Marker Travel Set

Sketching Small Art Box

"I'm hoping to wake up this Christmas morning and find this little beauty amongst my presents. I'm a sucker for anything that comes in a box set, and this set feels special. It is just right for anyone who, like me, has a passion for sketching and drawing and would like to take that passion into a more refined and in-depth exploration. Within the lovely wooden box is every tool I need to create beautiful drawings and also some which I am unfamiliar with, such as the sandpaper, which will help me expand and build upon my existing tried and tested techniques."  

Professional Water Colour Suitcase

"As a self-confessed lover of box sets, this Professional Water Colour Suitcase is the king of Winsor & Newton [set offerings].  It is a must for anyone like me who is looking for a watercolour set that covers most of the bases and delivers the complete water colour experience. I love that the case is easy and practical to transport so that I can use it outdoors whilst still looking really stylish and neat in my studio setting indoors. The colours available within the case are vibrant and perfect for the professional and hobbyist alike, making this top of my gift giving and receiving list."

Water Colour Marker Travel Set

"This Watercolour Marker Travel Set looks like the perfect stocking filler to me. Marker Pens have long been the go-to tool for fashion illustrators, and [these] deliver the Winsor & Newton colour quality that we have all fallen in love with as well as the flexibility that comes with a traditional marker. Taking my work and skill set into new and unfamiliar territories is something that always excites me and helps keep my work feeling fresh, so I would love to find these Water Colour Markers in my stocking on Christmas morning."

 All work, Nuno DaCosta


  Peter Haslam Fox is a notable water colourist who participated in Winsor & Newton’s Water Colour Revolution Show at London’s esteemed Saatchi Gallery in 2014. His work has won him several international accolades, and he continues to experiment within the medium, pushing his creative boundaries as he displays his work at various gallery shows.

 (Left to Right) Professional Water Colour Tin, Cotman Water Colour Brush Set

Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Tin

"Giving one of Winsor & Newton’s tins of colours, whether acrylic, watercolour, or oil, is a fun present with limitless possibilities. Just considering that all the colours of the spectrum are contained within a few basic primary colours is an endlessly fascinating idea, just as reducing your palette to its simplest components is often liberating." 

Brush Gift Set

"A perfectly simple present, a box of Winsor & Newton brushes would be an ideal surprise in my stocking. Like most things well made and of high quality, if it's not broken don't fix it."

 Work by Peter Haslam Fox

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