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    Behind the Painting: Street Scene by LS Lowry


    In our on-going series, Behind the Painting, we take a closer look at remarkable works, unravelling the stories behind them and the stunning palettes used in their composition. Read on for an in-depth look at Street Scene by British painter LS Lowry.

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    Safety in the Studio: Decoding Hazard Symbols


    The hazard symbols found on many artists’ materials have changed. Do you know the difference between ‘flammable’ and ‘oxidising’? Read on to find out what these symbols mean and why they matter to artists...

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    Palette of a Master: Explore Turner's Sublime Colour Choices


    Read on to learn more about five of Turner’s most original works, and the defining colour palettes which make them so striking.

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    From the Archives: The History of the Metal Paint Tube


    We at Winsor & Newton pride ourselves on adapting to progress and instigating change in our industry. In this series, we are highlighting items from our extensive archive to showcase our proudest innovations. First up: we review the evolution of the paint tube...

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    Winsor & Newton’s 2015 Art Predictions


    2014 was a great year for art we can't wait to see what 2015 will bring to follow. It is impossible to read the future but we have put together our guesses for what will be setting the art world alight in 2015.

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    Top Five Artist Biopics


    We have come up with this list of some of the best films celebrating art and the lives of artists and the result is a mix of Oscar winners and edgy cult classics plus the biopic of muse and wife of both John Ruskin and John Millais Effie Gray in which all the reproductions of Millais work were produced using Winsor & Newton...

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    2014: Highlights from the Year in Winsor & Newton


    Exciting, eventful and ground-breaking, 2014 has been nothing short of a landmark year for Winsor & Newton. From innovative product releases to supporting universally acclaimed exhibitions, the past 12 months has seen a myriad of milestones and developments...

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    New Year New Art


    This New Year, offer yourself a fresh creative start. Get motivated for 2015 by setting yourself some exciting challenges for the year ahead. Why not invigorate your art practice by taking on some new techniques and trying those materials you’ve always wanted to have a go with? What better way to brighten up the winter months than a new project to focus on...

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    The Art of Giving: Artists Make Creative Resolutions


    It is cold and forbidding outside so now is the time to sit by the fire and make plans for the forthcoming year. Why not challenge yourself artistically and try something new and out of your comfort zone? Make 2015 the year that you take on that new technique or have a go with those untried materials. Four of our Griffin Art Prize winners have done just that...

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    Our Guide to Seasonal Metallics


    When creating a seasonal scene adding a touch of metallic colour can really add something extra to your work and there are many different ways to achieve this as an artist. No matter what your medium there is an option for metallics within our ranges at Winsor & Newton...

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    Our Top Five Whites For Winter


    We at Winsor & Newton are famous for our pigments and that includes our whites. We have a huge range of white paints in all our ranges. From Iridescent to Titanium White we have everything you need to complete your seasonal masterpiece.

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    Five Favourite Winterscapes


    The festive season brings with it the promise of all those special wintry delights and here we offer five of the great images artists have produced with the coldest months of the year in mind.