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    Art Connect: Five Questions with Carol Robertson


    Carol Robertson’s work focuses on geometry and the relationships between colours, from circles to lines and curves her work endlessly explores these themes. The infinite combinations are always beautiful and surprising and show an amazing level of skill and precision. Last week Paul headed to the press junket at London’s Soho Hotel spoke to Leigh about all things Turner. Read on for our exclusive interview.

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    Mr Turner: Winsor & Newton Speak to Director Mike Leigh


    Winsor & Newton UK Resident Artist Paul Robinson introduced Mike Leigh and his team of actors, including Timothy Spall and members of the Mr Turner art department, to the archival material we have of Turner’s and the nature of pigment and making paint. Last week Paul headed to the press junket at London’s Soho Hotel spoke to Leigh about all things Turner. Read on for our exclusive interview.

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    The Oil Painter's Guide to Protecting Yourself and The Environment


    Not always the first priority for artists but an awareness of health and safety practises is really important to protect yourself and the environment. Bones recently discovered in Tuscany are almost certainly thought to be Caravaggio’s due to the alarming levels of lead they contain...

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    Our Top Picks from Frieze Art Fair


    This year’s Frieze London and Frieze Masters were the usual bustle of creative commerce but this time, with a new design for Frieze London and exciting innovations in the set-up of the booths across the board has been universally called the ‘best Frieze ever’.

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    Art Connect: Five Questions with Lee Edwards


    The level of detail in Lee Edward’s work is slightly beyond the imagination. His works, using graphite pencil on paper recreate intimate and mundane aspects of everyday life, elevating them from their daily status to artistic moments forever suspended in time.

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    Featured Artist: Alexander Newley


    Artist Alexander Newley is well regarded for his portrait painting and a catalogue of work which includes famed depictions of Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Christopher Reeve, among other notable public figures. Newley recently lent his talents to the production of Effie Gray...

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    Art Love Triangle: Effie Gray


    Due for UK theatrical release on 10 October, Effie Gray depicts the famous love triangle between famed Victorian art critic John Ruskin, his teenage bride Euphemia Gray and Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais...

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    Spotlight On Illustration: Nuno Da Costa


    The last month has seen world’s runways set ablaze with colour and movement as Fashion Week hit New York, London, Milan and Paris. In celebration of this creative time of year, we spoke to noted fashion illustrator Nuno Da Costa. Da Costa, who has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands and magazines, including Vogue and Triumph.

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    Constable Country: Inspired by Suffolk


    Much of John Constable’s current reputation as a painter rightly rests on his development of the ‘plein-air’ oil sketch and his naturalistic style of painting. Also powerfully engaging for a contemporary audience is his autobiographical choice of subjects...

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    Five Essential Acrylic Mediums


    We spoke to artist Debbie Bryan about the most essential mediums for artists working with acrylics. What follows is a list of five indispensable mediums and descriptions of their transformative properties.

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    Shades of Expression: Six Artists on Colour


    From ancient painting materials such as crushed insects, mineral cinnabars and ash to their contemporary alternatives, artists have made and used colour throughout history in myriad ways...

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    Art Connect: Five Questions with Lee Madgwick


    Lee Madgwick’s work is immediately recognisable. His hyper-real yet dreamlike visual riddles appear to have been summoned straight from his subconscious. Madgwick’ paintings, though remarkable in their stillness, have an air of the foreboding...