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    5 famous black paintings


    Feast your eyes on these famous Black paintings for an example of how black is still one of the most powerful hues you can use on your palette.

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    A Career Celebration: Josef Albers and Winsor & Newton (Part II)


    Josef Albers was both part of and instrumental in creating the world in which artists are both taught and work today. It stems from his unrelenting fascination with colour. The famous series of paintings...

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    A Cartoon Lifestyle: The Thoughts and Influences of Steven Appleby.


    Guardian newspaper cartoonist Steven Appleby works exclusively with Winsor & Newton Drawing inks and Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour half-pans. Whilst creating a specially commissioned cartoon for ‘Painting Matters,’ Steven Appleby talks about the process of making cartoons, his influences and ideas.

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    A celebration of Paper: from creation to modern times


    Once at the forefront of communication and education, the role of paper in our daily life has changed over the centuries. Our lives are increasingly ‘paper-free’. Information is stored in computers, e-readers are commonplace...

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    A Colourful Relationship: Josef Albers and Winsor & Newton (Part I)


    Artists who are looking for inspiring and exciting ways to work with colour could do well to look and re-look at the work of Josef Albers. His relentless pursuit of the relationship between colours influenced...

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    A Man For All Artistic Seasons: Zavier Ellis – Artist, Curator and Gallerist


    Zavier Ellis is a man who can play many roles in the art world: an artist, a curator and a gallerist. He shows contemporary art at his Hoxton gallery, Charlie Smith london. In the first of a series of articles discovering the diversity of roles in the Art world, Winsor & Newton resident artist, Mathew Gibson, talks with Zavier about his role as a gallerist and curator.

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    A Materials World: How artists choose materials


    Francis Bacon believed it wasn’t possible to tell if a painting was any good until at least 50 years after it had been made. Having just broken auction records with the sale of his 1969 tryptych of Lucian Freud...

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    Art and (R)evolution: Introducing the New Winsor & Newton Online


    A trailblazing destination for creative inspiration, the new is revolutionising the way artists engage with materials and one another – creating a direct link to favourite products, engaging a creative community...

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    Art school graduation shows


    At this time of year art students around the world are preparing to graduate. For many, the final part of their education is exhibiting their work in public. The ‘degree show’ is also the first step to becoming a professional artist or designer.

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    Art Through The Camera Lens


    Captivating. Ageing. Brilliant. Rotten. Just some of the terms used to describe Paul Emsley’s portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge which was recently unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in London...

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    Artists & their brushes


    Finding the right brush can make all the difference to your work. When choosing a brush to use with oil colour and heavier applications of acrylic colour, consider a brush with hair that is able to move thick, viscous colour, such as hog hair or a stiff synthetic equivalent.

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    Artists' Oilbar: One Year On


    In 2011, Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oilbar received a makeover; a professional quality oil colour in stick form, Artists' Oilbar enables painting and drawing freely and directly onto surfaces. The extended range of fifty colours...