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    Featured Artist: Alexander Newley


    Artist Alexander Newley is well regarded for his portrait painting and a catalogue of work which includes famed depictions of Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Christopher Reeve, among other notable public figures. Newley recently lent his talents to the production of Effie Gray...

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    Art Love Triangle: Effie Gray


    Due for UK theatrical release on 10 October, Effie Gray depicts the famous love triangle between famed Victorian art critic John Ruskin, his teenage bride Euphemia Gray and Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais...

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    Spotlight On Illustration: Nuno Da Costa


    The last month has seen world’s runways set ablaze with colour and movement as Fashion Week hit New York, London, Milan and Paris. In celebration of this creative time of year, we spoke to noted fashion illustrator Nuno Da Costa. Da Costa, who has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands and magazines, including Vogue and Triumph.

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    Five Essential Acrylic Mediums


    We spoke to artist Debbie Bryan about the most essential mediums for artists working with acrylics. What follows is a list of five indispensable mediums and descriptions of their transformative properties.

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    Shades of Expression: Six Artists on Colour


    From ancient painting materials such as crushed insects, mineral cinnabars and ash to their contemporary alternatives, artists have made and used colour throughout history in myriad ways...

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    Art Connect: Five Questions with Lee Madgwick


    Lee Madgwick’s work is immediately recognisable. His hyper-real yet dreamlike visual riddles appear to have been summoned straight from his subconscious. Madgwick’ paintings, though remarkable in their stillness, have an air of the foreboding...

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    The Revolutionary Work of Kazimir Malevich


    Few artists are as associated with geometrical abstraction as Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935). Even at his death, Malevich’s white coffin was decorated with a black circle and square in homage to the style for which he became best known, yet life had not always been so starkly defined for the Russian painter.

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    Water Colour Markers Twitter Q&A Recap


    To celebrate the launch of Winsor & Newton’s new Water Colour Markers last week, our team took to Twitter to host a live Q&A with Resident Artist Paul Robinson and Innovation and Development Manager Paul Lamoureux...

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    Water Colour Revolution at Saatchi Gallery: Video Highlights


    Last week, artists and other art world luminaries gathered at London’s Saatchi Gallery for Winsor & Newton’s exclusive Water Colour Revolution event, a celebration of the newly-launched Water Colour Markers and soon to be debuted Water Colour Sticks.

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    Five of World's Most Exciting International Galleries


    With more international fairs and biennials than ever before, the gallery scene is nothing if not thriving. What follows is a roundup of the international galleries currently bringing something unique and exciting to the global art scene

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    Colour and Form: Mondrian In His Studio


    Grids comprised of primary colour blocks – repeated and resequenced – define Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s exploration of abstraction and his career-spanning endeavour to “express pure relationships.”

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    Iconic Nordic artist Tove Jansson’s unique folkloric world


    The strange and endearing Moomin characters conceived of by Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson were informed as much by ancient Nordic folk tales as...