About Verena

Fortunate to come from a family with a great appreciation of art; I had many opportunities to look at art books, visit galleries and develop my own creativity growing up in on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. As a teenager I would spend hours painting at home, as well as attending lessons at my local Art Society. My local art instructors gave me a firm basis in traditional art skills. After Secondary Education I went on to learn about more contemporary art styles by studying a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University Melbourne. Then by doing a Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy at La Trobe University, I developed an appreciation of the emotional power of art making. After finishing my studies, I moved to Switzerland in 2005 where I launched my career teaching English as a foreign Language. Inspired by the European landscape, it is at this time I took up ‘plein-air’ watercolour painting. I fell in love with watercolour and I spent much of my free time, when not teaching English, painting watercolour. Though I had lots of wonderful English students, I still felt isolated living in a foreign culture, so I looked for a social art group to join- but found nothing. So, I approached a local non-for-profit and organized to run a short painting course for other women, like myself, who speak German as a second language. The course was a success and it made me realise that I really wanted to be teaching more art. I packed my bags and moved to Perth at the start of 2010 to do a Graduate Diploma in Education with Visual Art as a teaching major at the University of Western Australia. This was extended to a Masters of Secondary Teaching two years later. With these new qualifications under my belt, I did my ‘country service’ as an Art Teacher at ‘Central Midlands High School’ in Moora. I moved back to Perth to be with my partner when I fell pregnant with my daughter, Skye, who was born in November 2015. My most recent body of work is my maternity artworks, which document my own pregnancy experience. I also paint a number of other themes including dancers, nudes, landscapes, cityscapes and still life.