About Ariane Blais

Canadian artist based in Montreal, Ariane grew up surrounded by paintings, tubes and jars of paint and brushes. Her mother, an artist herself, taught her art for over 20 years. Thus, at a very young age, Ariane developed a natural attraction to colors, textures and movements. She especially liked to take time analyzing works of art, gaining insight into the creative process of artist. After her mother’s death in 2006, she presented her first exhibition and began her carrer as a socially committed visual artist. After her MBA, she embarks on a journey that takes her along the shores of the Amazon, to the Inca ruins and into the Bolivian jungle. She presents her Fire exhibition during the 2010 Olympic Games. Travel is central to Ariane’s artistic process. Her latest exhibition: Musashi, Mon Amour, An Abstract Translation was presented in 2015 at Museum Sultan Abu Bakar, Malaysia. Her work is on show in several countries and her clients are mainly from New York, Paris, Montreal, Los Angeles and Dubaï. With vibrancy and vitality, Ariane Blais brings viewers on an emotional journey of color, exploring her experiences of world and travels in paint. Blais’ abstractions are boldly expressive, with a rich and tactile surface alive with pigment. Amongst the explosive brushstrokes emerge occasional hints of figures, giving the paintings a sense of memory and narrative. The artist’s process is at once intuitive, spontaneous, and considered, as she draws upon her initial inspirations and carefully reworks each detail to reflect her inner vision. As she builds her works in acrylic on canvas, Blais combines her paints with mixed media elements, plaster, charcoal and epoxy to create an intriguing blend of movement and texture. When a client commissions a piece from Ariane, they receive a work of art constructed around their personality, their own story, that reveal what they really are instead of what they look like.