About Angel Ching

I come from Hong Kong, live in Kowloon. I like reading, drawing, creating, writing, face make up and looking everything, human will never be pulled up is glad painting could be peaceful happiness. Thanksfully for JOY to the world artists on Winsor & Newton homepages will see the beauty all over the world's artists drawing wisdom and knowledge, view a land that stretches afar way of Holiness, like a peace of board rivers and streams. On New years 2015 I star from kids drawing be teacher. learn kids has a pure heart take care of people in charge of lawgiver protection kid's and drawing, youth according love remember ours.Surely your goodness and love will follow all the days of our life. Working shop on Goicth Music and drawing in Kam Tai Shopping Centre, 31Ning Tai Road, MOSDIV, New Territories, Hong Kong.