About Midge ACE

I am a self-taught professional contemporary Artist & Arts & Crafts tutor. From a young age I was encouraged and inspired by my mother and grandmother to draw and paint. Under their guidance my skills developed expanding to the use of a variety of media as part of my practice. In my youth I was fascinated with nature (most especially the landscape) and would spend many hours drawing trees & plants. I can also recall observing every detail of the work of the church statues and stained glass windows and was deeply inspired by the work of the old masters. After many years working as a Software Engineer and raising a family an opportunity arose due to ill health and redundancy to return to my love of art and set up my own business as an artist in 2009. I am now working as a freelance artist & web designer, whilst also sharing my skills and enjoyment of art & crafts, teaching painting and drawing to others in the form of workshops and demonstrations in painting , drawing, crafting, calligraphy & illustration in addition to building a portfolio of work for exhibiting and selling. My work is quite varied as I enjoy exploring a plethora of media including pastel, acrylics and mixed media, oil, pen and watercolour. I also enjoy experimenting with crafting techniques and calligraphy which I incorporate into mixed media works. Much of my inspiration comes from the landscape and the human form but every now and then I like to explore the freedom of more abstract work and artjournalling. Occasionally I take up commissions and a keen supporter of art in the community. My love of nature has also inspired me to be a keen gardener & photographer much of which forms inspiration for my art work.