About Lena Septemvri

I am Lena Septemvri, contemporary artist and abstact calligrapher, based in Greece. I love free forms, I love freedom in my art, I like to express my feelings each time I make an artwork. Play with the colors, play with the letters, play with the line. Express my soul. I don't like the rules, special for lettering or calligraphy. And, I believe, that even in calligraphy, you can add your special touch and do what you feel. Just break the rules. Everywhere. Since I was very little girl I had a note book next to me and I was sketching, painting and writing, writing, writing... Thousands of words, signs and letters. I think that was my destiny, art and letters. Even if I had studied quite different things from art, at last, art winned me and I turn my carreer... very happy about this Now, I like to create in my atelier in Athens, and I give calligraphy lessons, to children and adults in my atelier and in municipalities. In my art you will see anything that makes me feel good. A simple sketch, an abstract painting, a calligraphy piece or all these together. Happy to share my art with you Lena Septemvri info@calligrapher.gr lenaseptemvri@gmail.com