About David John Leathers

I live near Cambridge in the East of England. Coast and countryside are both nearby. Viewers of my paintings often ask me if I have a graphics background. In a sense they are right – my early training and career was in cartography, where precision is the key. So I see accurate drawing as very important as the starting point of all my work. My paintings find buyers from all over the UK, but my work is also in collections in Australia, USA, Ireland and Norway. I love the intensity of colour that oils can produce, and this is my chosen medium. My subject matter is varied, from the coastal scene in Suffolk or Cornwall, to portraits and the figure. Currently I am working on still-life subjects in a modern realism style. Subjects are often fruit, (colour!) together with silver jugs and things found in car-boot sales and antique fairs. The paintings are built up slowly in glazes (Griffin Alkyd and Liquin are ideal for this) and take many sessions to complete. All images of my paintings are Copyright protected.