About Claudia Slaney

Claudia is a watercolour artist seeking to bring a distinctive and contemporary feel to a beautiful and traditional medium. 'The stunning effects produced by the interactions of the different pigments with water, paper and each other are impossible to resist, so that of all the mediums it is always watercolour I return to'. Recently returned from Europe her focus is on New Zealand towns and landscapes, and the abstract images that emerge from these local scenes. She is largely self taught, but has attended numerous workshops over the years. She has received both inspiration and tuition from Brian Millard and Alvaro Castagnet and considers them to be her main influences. While living in London she regularly attended life drawing classes at Candid Arts Trust, drawing and painting classes at the Royal Academy through NEAC, and numerous workshops at the Sir John Soanes Museum. Claudia takes both group and private classes, and is available for commission work. More details can be seen at www.claudiaslaney.co.nz and www.facebook.com/ClaudiaSlaneyArtist