About Jasmine Surreal

About Jasmine Surreal Jasmine, surrealist artist, ex model, Jasminist, whose artwork is unlike anyone elses. Cats and toy cats are my passion. www.youtube.com/jasminesurreal for fun toy cat videos. My toy cats, Persita and Aurora also paint wild and cute artwork which has been exhibited at Trispace Gallery, London, with mine. My subjects are symbolic and surreal, but not on the surface – more of an in-depth surrealism where I am pouring out my heart and imagination – things I'd like to see in real life but never materialise so I realise them through the medium of painting. I'm inspired by my own imagination, just me really, although there are artists I like. Bosch, Magritte, Dorothea Tanning. I tend to draw the image on canvas with a pencil, mainly from my own head, unless I'm drawing someone like Steve Allen (a 1950s comedian and polyglot), when I used a photograph of him. I'm very meticulous, because the images I realise are meticulous. There's a lot of detail there, hidden objects and faces, reversals of reality. I think there is an enormous streak of humour in the works. I do have a surreal sense of humour. I like humorous things, so I think this is just going to come out in my work. I paint self portraits and usually in tandem with a cat or sometimes toy cats. I'm just obsessed with them; I love them. I think it's an extension of myself. The "fluff factor". They're very eye-catching; they're mesmerising with all this fluffiiness. I don't just like to depict cats straight. I "humanify" them in a nonsensical way, like Persita (a toy cat). I extend things. I start with a leopard dress on the cat and then go on to a leopard beehive and a leopard cloud in a leopard world. EXHIBITIONS-seewww.ArtWanted.com/JasUniqueArt for full details. FULL MEMBER OF DACS (Design and Copyright Society) http://www.culture24.org.uk/art/painting-and-drawing/art506907-fur-crazy-jasmine-surreal-talks-cats-comedy-and-conceptual-art-at-her-london-show Published in Silhouette press "Here Comes Everyone" Boy/Girl issue page 12/13. Manwoman and I had sex with a flower man. www.here comes everyone.org Free PDF magazine download. I have a "great unique style and approached with an interesting perspective" Gary SB from Silhouette. 2014 SOLO SHOW, FANTASY REALITY, PAINTINGS BY JASMINE SURREAL AND MY TOY CATS, Trispace Gallery, London. 2013 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London Stuck Between Prague and London, Nolias 11 Gallery, London 2012 Polemically Small , curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Zavier Ellis, Orleans House Gallery, London Stuckist Tarot, Elsa Dix, Islington Arts Centre, London Polemically Smaller, curated by Edward Lucie Smith, Torrance Art Museum, California, USA Enemies of Art, Lauderdale House, Highgate, London Stuckists; Elizabethan Avant-garde, (Resident Curator, Edward Lucie Smith) Bermondsey Project, London 2011 Polemically Small, (Presented by The Future Can Wait, Curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie Smith, Max Presneill and Simon Rumley), Charlie Smith London, London Polemically Small, (Curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Zavier Ellis), Torrance Art Museum, California, USA 3 Worlds in 1, Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre Exhibition Hall, Klaipeda, Lithuania Stuckist in Paris; A Revolution!, Elsa Dix, Adzak Musee, Espace D'Art, Paris, France Stuck on the Wall, The Gallery, Brent Artists Resource, London On a Train, from Beijing to Moscow, train travelling with postcards, Transiberian Arts Centre, London 2010 Antidote to the Ghastly Turner Prize, View Two Gallery, Liverpool About Beau-tea!, Curated, exhibited and hung, Independents Biennial, Leaf Tea Rooms, Liverpool Under the Cover of Romantic Anonymity, Ash-in-Art, Athens, Greece