About Michele Del Campo

About Michele Del Campo Michele Del Campo was born in Sannicandro Garganico (Italy) in 1976. After two years studying Fine Arts in Milan, he moved to the UK where he received the Bachelor of Design (Honors) Degree in Illustration at the University of Dundee in 2001. Thereafter he moved to Madrid, where he continued studying Fine Arts at Universidad Complutense, graduating in 2007. Since his first solo show in 1998 he has exhibited extensively in Spain, Italy, and the UK. Michele is represented by the Jorge Alocolea Gallery of Madrid and the Mark Jason Gallery of London. Michele Del Campo's Work Vibrant, colourful depictions of everyday life characterise the paintings the young Italian painter, who is bringing the sunny streets of Barcelona to the UK. Michele paintings depict ordinary people, standing beside a scruffy wall, buying vegetables, chatting over a cigarette. Yet they dominate a space resonating with colour light and hinting at stories you want to uncover, he says, "I want to give a feeling of naturality, of everyday life, but I also want to show the beauty of the environments they are in. I'm describing the environment of the youth today." Del Campo tried many different mediums at art school but returned to oils for big, figurative paintings, using a large flat brush. "I tried watercolours, but there is something about the thickness of oil colours and painting wet-in-wet. The blending of the colours is so nice: the feel, I really enjoy the painting". One of Del Campo's paintings (Three Girls Standing by Graffiti) was voted one of the Best of the Best in this year's Art in Action. He has won several art prizes, among them prestigious painting award "XXI Premio BMW de Pintura" in 2006. In January 2008 he moved house and studio to London. His first solo exhibition in this city, held at the Mark Jason Gallery in September 2008 aroused great interest from the British public.