À propos Faye

I am a medicine drum and rattle maker, a direct source medium/clairvoyant/psychic, Spiritual Healer and Reiki healer and a creative that is exploring and starting to experiment with paint after many, many years of only doing the occasional pen or pencil drawing, a bit of writing and poetry and creating and making silver jewellery for a time. I suddenly got the urge a month ago to sit and start drawing and then painting. My driving inspiration at the moment is to create a series of acrylic paintings on canvas and pencil drawings of indigenous peoples from around the World. This is my first time using both canvas and acrylics and it is an interesting experience... plenty of learning curves in the entire process, especially about trusting myself and the process. I have to admit to an artistic temperament...half way through all but one of my pieces I was ready to throw them in the bin (with some choice muttered words) as they didn't appear to be working or looking right etc etc... such an enormous step for me to let go of control and just let my work come from my heart! I am just beginning my journey :-)