À propos Charles Sluga

About Charles Sluga Charles Sluga is an Australian Artist who has a reputation for his unique vision and versatility with watercolour. He began painting at the age of 13 when he received private tuition in acrylics from a professional artist. Following the completion of a degree in mathematics and a diploma in teaching Charles studied classical oil painting. During this period he discovered watercolour and was captivated. As a watercolour artist Charles has won many awards including the highly coveted Alice Bale Award, Australia's premier award for realist and figurative art. Charles has also written many articles for the Australian Artist magazine and is in the process of writing his first book. Charles has been invited to be represented at the New York Art Expo and has also been chosen to be a featured Artist in the American Watercolour Book "Splash 11" which is to be released in 2010. For the past 20 years, Charles has been an enthusiastic and passionate teacher of watercolours leading workshops in Australia and around the world. The past 7 years have also seen him conduct an annual painting tour down the magnificent Croatian Coast, a country of his heritage and a continual source of inspiration. Charles Sluga's Work Inspiration for Charles' work can come from anywhere and this is reflected in his refreshing variety of subject matter. His work is loose, bold and free, making watercolour painting seem deceptively easy and also hiding the careful thought and planning that underpins his work. He vigorously tests and explores each new colour and medium, developing a deep understanding of their impact on his work. Charles may be considered a rebel when it comes to traditional methods and approaches to watercolour painting but he sees himself as a champion of the medium, constantly striving to raise its status and the awareness of its versatility. "Watercolours don't always need to be soft or wishy washy they can be as bold as an oil or acrylic painting, you just have to have the courage to do it ... if I ever think I know what I will be painting in 5 years time, I will give up painting". Variety and challenging oneself with new subjects and techniques is to him an important part of what being an Artist is about.