À propos Victor Martinez

About Victor Martinez Victor Martinez is internationally renowned as one of Peru's premier watercolour artists. He is celebrated for his sensitive portraits of Andean people, as well as their landscapes and seascapes. His realist paintings have been shown in numerous museums and are part of private collections in North and South America, as well as Europe. Despite being in his seventies, Victor still travels each year to South and North America, his main intent being to preserve and protect his culture. Thus, his paintings portray Andean people in contact with the earth, their roots and the human spirit. He is inspired by observing Andean people in varied regions of Peru, in their daily chores and in their everyday surroundings. Victor Martinez's Work Depicting Peru's cultural and social content, his watercolours have earned him national awards in the United States, as well as the most prestigious award in his hometown: El Diploma de la Ciudad de Arequipa a la Labor Artística. About his work, Victor says: "My intent is to portray people in their remote communities, where they live out their lives. Without self-conscious intent, they withstand the forces of 'civilization' that might otherwise absorb them and their culture. Their humanity is what I try to convey in my work ... their direct contact with nature and the simplicity of their communities." As a boy, Victor's main artistic influence was his father, the renowned artist Victor Martinez Malaga. As a young man, he began his formal education at the Regional School of Fine Arts and then moved to Lima, where he took advanced courses at the National School of Fine Arts. Following his formal education, he dedicated himself to graphic design and illustration. The turning point in his career came in 1987, when he returned to his first love, fine art. Victor Martinez uses Winsor & Newton because ...he believes that Winsor & Newton's Artists' Water Colours are far superior in intensity of color and concentration of pigment. His devotion also rests on the availability of colors and product quality. The challenge of mastering the use of Winsor & Newton's Sepia only made the artist's painting practice more appealing. Victor states that there are no better products than those offered by Winsor & Newton and he passes along his dedication to the products to his watercolour students.