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Paul Brown
Paul Brown
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W&N materials used
Artists' Oil Colour

About Paul Brown
Paul Coventry-Brown is a professional artist whose striking paintings are created with Artists' Oil Colour. Based in France, we contacted him to find out more about his work:

By Paul Coventry-Brown:
"I'm from Liverpool and am a self taught artist (although I did do a one year pre-diploma course at Liverpool Art College when I was 18). There was a little family run art shop near the college that had been there for generations and hadn't changed (no till, just a drawer) and they only stocked Winsor and Newton oil paints which is how I got started with Artists Oil Colour.

I left Liverpool to spend a couple of months in Japan and ended up staying seventeen years before finally coming to South West France, just over two years ago, to become a full time artist.

Paul Brown's Work
I have always painted in my spare time and my only claim to fame is selling a water colour to Martin Shaw (of TV fame) when he was doing a play in Liverpool in the early 80's.

I have been lucky to sell a lot of my work in the last few years thanks to my hard working agent, Sheila, in Bermuda and now I am trying to reach a wider audience with my new blog (http://paul-artwork.blogspot.com/), which I started last month.

I have always used Winsor & Newton products (Artists' Oil Colour, Liquin Original/ Fine Detail, Cotman brushes, yes, for oils!) even while living in Japan. I have tried every mix of medium that you can imagine but always go back to Liquin and it's all I use now (the Venetian turpentine, dammar varnish, stand oil, etc. are all gathering dust in the cupboard).

I don't talk about my paintings and I don't have explanations for why I paint what I do. I just look for a feeling of calm, depth and a little zen in the compositions - and shadows are very important."

For further information on Paul Brown visit: