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Margot Sanders
Margot Sanders
Brown and yellow sand, 2013, oil and pigment on linen, 164 x 280 cm
W&N materials used
Liquin, Poppy Oil, Refined Linseed Oil

About Margot Sanders
Margot Sanders is a London-based artist who recently completed her Masters in Painting at the Royal College of Art. Sanders graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2008, and was awarded the Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize in 2008. She is currently exhibiting in Paper at Saatchi Gallery London, Sanders has exhibited all over Europe.

Margot Sanders's Work

Sanders’ paintings show a contrast between small-scale paintings which suggest intimacy and large scale-works which surround the viewer. Painting with an immediate style, Margot's canvases combine areas of the canvase containing dense layers of paint, contrasted with thin layers in other parts.Her portraits investigate the ideas of private and public, using herself, the sitter and the studio as her main protagonists.

What led you to your current direction in art?
The characters created in my portraits reflect my own personal woes and desires adding a personal element to my work. I am particularly interested in the sister sibling, the primary perspective used in my paintings. Being a sister myself, I use paint to explore the journeys of childhood using feelings of love, fun, loyalty, anger, hatred and disgust. I often have a sitter, usually a friend to sit in my bedroom as I paint them.  This gives my work feelings of proximity deterring from the domestic. My characters have uncomfortable poses which allows me to explore a sense of self-consciousness; these are characters that seem unwilling to be looked at, restlessly shifting their weight under the artist’s gaze. I am also influenced by wedding photography, and its air of discomfort, and enforced jollity.

A constant back drop within my work is the relationship between painting and the figure. This relationship has manifested into a particular focus on clothing for example through a fascination with fabrics and patterns on wallpapers, clothes and furniture in a domestic setting. This allows me to identify my feminity and personal nostalgia of childhood.

What's a typical session in your studio like?
Usually, I would work on 3-5 paintings at once. However, this can be counteracted with weeks of just drawing, writing and watercolour sketches. So you could say I go through waves of productivity. I use a combination of processes combination of processes; from life models, sketches of figures both pencil and watercolour, to photographs and collages. 

What piece of art has had the most profound influence on you?
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Four Bathers, 1910. The colours and primitive marks that makeup the figures, look so satisfying. I have also been influenced by Karla Black, Katy Moran, and Sophie von Hellermann Francis Bacon and Willem de Kooning. 
What's your favourite Winsor & Newton product?
The Liquin and the Poppy Oil are the best.

Which artists have been your main influence?
Rather than artist I have to mention place. My earliest memory of looking at paintings and being completely mesmerised is the National Gallery in London. Walking through the different rooms still gives me the goose bumps. As for artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s paintings and prints have always been a background influence, it’s the primitive nude figures in the Germanic landscape and contrast with modernity in his street scenes that feels so bitterly raw for me. His used of colour and marks complement yet contradict each other and I can never seem to turn away from that. 

Margot Sanders uses Winsor & Newton because
They are good quality products and consistently reliable. I think it is important to use good quality paints and mediums to get high performance of colour and textures so you can have a greater control over the image you are painting.

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