Capture your twilight - New limited edition Professional Water Colour


All is quiet. The sky looks at itself in a vast mirror of water, and at the edges of the lake, a pale green mist floats hauntingly above the surface. A calm, silent and tranquil colour, Aqua Green’s unmistakably cool tones will lend your work a feeling of understated serenity.


The sun may have gone but you can still see the rays lighting up the sky. A sky like no other. The clouds have now transformed into something completely magical. Rendered in the purest Quinacridone Violet they appear almost motionless, billowing majestically and proud in the twilight air.


The air is cooling and the mood is changing. Everything is still as darkness descends and myriad blue tones fill your view. From deep, rich, shadowy colours to delicate pale washes, Smalt (Dumont’s Blue) brings a unique and beautifully descriptive palette to the ‘blue hour’.


As the light fades, the horizon catches fire. The sky is filled with hissing, crackling, glowing embers and you can almost feel the heat on your face. As the sun dips out of sight, it casts its warmth onto land and water. Twilight is here and Sanguine Red’s beautifully evocative colour will allow you to capture it with incredible intensity.


Under the gently rustling canopy, the forest floor is dappled with pools of light. The trees stand bolt upright like sentries guarding this peaceful, sacred place. Although the light is ebbing away, Cobalt Green Deep is a wonderfully rich colour that brings a whole spectrum of beautiful tones to your fingertips.


Silhouetted trees stretch their limbs to the heavens like bony hands pulling the sky towards them. Every shadow is growing darker by the second but Chromium Black’s pure pigment provides your work with a subtlety and translucency of tone that breathes real life into the darkest of colours.