Product Information

Colour Charts

Colour charts are a vital reference guide for all artists and are different for each range. Please visit our Colour Charts section for more information. 

Composition and Permanence Tables

Composition and Permanence tables provide important information on the composition, characteristics and permanence of Winsor & Newton colour ranges. For more information by range, please click here.

Health and Safety

Winsor & Newton Artists' Materials do not present any major hazard when used with care and common sense. It should, however, be emphasised that as with other chemical products, high standards of general hygiene should be adhered to, both during and after use of these products and warnings given on individual products should be adhered to. Prolonged contact with the skin and ingestion (or swallowing) of the product should be avoided. This includes avoiding practices such as applying colour with the fingers or pointing brushes in the mouth.  

For more information advice on how to use our art materials safely please visit our Tips & Techniques section.